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Industrial Internet of Things

Our tailored Industrial Internet of Things solutions will guide your
enterprise digital transformation, from start to finish.

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What is an IIoT Solution?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was initially viewed as a way to monitor and access production data with a focus on operational efficiency and cost optimization in the facility. While those opportunities still exist, and have been extended to include data from transportation/logistics, energy, and greater ERP integration; even more opportunities lie beyond monitoring existing production - towards innovating how and what we're producing. These innovations are part of the current Fourth Industrial Revolution known as Industry 4.0.


For industrial environments, the technology adoption curve has been conservative in comparison to those in commercial and enterprise businesses. This is because, in most cases, Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) have different expectations and understandings of each other’s objectives. As a result, OT personnel are aware that they need to upgrade legacy technology, and migrate their critical applications to modern and secure plant floor systems – but it’s hard to know where to start.


Especially concerning is the fear of inadequate security, and these fears are not unfounded. While your IT department has cyber-security at the forefront, inconsistent collaboration with OT personnel can deepen the risk.

Enterprise IoT Solutions: What do we provide?

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Plant data network/server/wireless architecture assessment, design, hardware and services to enable reliable data collection in the facility.

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Cyber-security vulnerability assessments, monitoring and remediation tools, designed for the unique requirements of industrial networks and automation hardware.

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Plant data acquisition and production monitoring platforms allowing continuously secured real-time data access from anywhere.

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Ethernet and IoT enabled sensors for data collection at the very edge.

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Mobile and stationary asset and plant inventory tracking from anywhere.

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Mobile connectivity solutions for vehicles, machines and OEM skids.

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Real-time monitoring and peak avoidance tools for energy cost savings.

Our innovative IIoT solutions team is fully committed to both your business
success and digital transformation progress. Our solution process for IIoT follows
these steps:



We work with you and your team to determine the specific IIoT goals for your business.


Assess & Discuss

We evaluate current equipment and identify areas for improvement. Based on findings, we will outline potential for growth in your business and together create a plan to maximize ROI.



We will determine project scope, crucial milestones and resources required for completion.


Source & Deliver

We will source and deliver the required connectivity products to site.


Coordinate & Install

We liaise with you and install, or work with your preferred contractor for installation purposes.



Once enabled, we will track results to ensure the solution meets the needs of your business and the anticipated benefits are realized.

Contact Westburne to arrange for a network assessment to optimize your journey towards Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 – and leverage all its benefits to remain competitive in today’s global industrial community.

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