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Peytec Smart Tags - Greenhouse

IIoT Solutions

Greenhouse Embraces New Descriptive IIoT Solution To Track Seed To Sale, And Prevent Productivity Losses

The Peytec Super Tag solution has granted greenhouses access to the knowledge of plant health, their location, and much more. The solution provides direct mobile alerts on plant health and location, which allows complete control and monitoring at the operations level 24/7.



A customer wanted to monitor plant health for a sizeable greenhouse, and to ensure that plants on palettes once moved, could be located easily. They also wished to monitor the plants that were loaded onto trucks to be shipped. That way the entire seed to sale timeline could be monitored during the duration of travel.



Utilizing Peytec Super Tags we were able to monitor moisture, temperature, and the location of the plants during transportation.



Monitoring the health of the plants both as they are grown, and during transport, saved the operator of the greenhouse greatly in terms of costs. They helped in terms of yield improvement, productivity, and water conservation. The entire operations team now knows the status of the plants’ health, and they do not have to worry about the crop performing poorly both in the greenhouse, and during travel.

The Heart Of The Issue

Westburne along with Peytec identified a market need for greenhouse solutions. Together they have been able to provide greenhouses the ability to monitor plants from seed to sale. This solution was designed to be cloud based, easily accessible, without hard wiring, and reliable with complete accuracy.

While working with the greenhouse on a tailored solution, Peytec identified that employees of the greenhouse had to physically visit their sites at night. These greenhouses were minimally heated, and the monitoring was done to ensure that the climate of the plants was acceptable, especially during the winter seasons. They also wanted to monitor the water levels during the growing season. The operations team needed to ensure that the temperature, soil moisture levels, fertilizer, and lighting were in proper working order 24/7. Following this daily demand, the operations team also needed a way to monitor plants during transport. The health of the plants were not tracked during transport, and thus some product would be wilted, or dead after delivery.

Creating A Best In Class Solution

Peytec’s solution allowed the operations team to now track and control all environmental factors remotely from the comfort of their homes or office. All of these factors were also being updated constantly, and alerted the team if anything was wrong. All alerts are tracked using any smart device. The smart device connects to the Crop and Equipment Health Monitoring system, allowing rapid information access and ease of use. The IIoT system is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, which helps growers manage their crop through automation, and the facilitation of day- to-day decision making.

The grower’s customers were also able to track when the plants would arrive by utilizing Peytec’s wireless GPS system. The system provides the customer with real-time data in respect to the location of a truck, and the plants condition. The entire solution helped improve yield, reduced labour costs, and gave reliable visibility over farm’s various residual risks.

The Right People Working Together

Peytec provided an innovative and unique solution for an agricultural market with the assistance of Westburne.

Exceeding Customers’ Expectations

The Peytec system allows the operations team to have the option of complete control over the health of their plants. Plant loss for the greenhouse is at an all time low. Crop yield for greenhouses can now be an all time high, thanks to the Descriptive IIoT Solution.

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