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Bromont Ski Hill

Lighting and Energy Solutions

Bromont Ski Resort’s Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade

The Bromont, montagne d’expériences, resort is located in Quebec on the slopes of Mont Brome. It is one of Eastern North America’s largest year-round resorts with attractions such as day and night skiing, a water park, and a mountain bike park. Located in the Eastern Township of Quebec, Bromont is the largest illuminated ski- able area in North America with 450 acres of ski-able terrain, 141 trails, seven hills sides and four peaks.


This family business founded in 1964 is known for it’s unique charm and has well established roots in its community. Bromont has their sights set on becoming a preferred mountain destination in Eastern Canada.



How do you keep skiers and snowboarders safe on snowy slopes and still reduce your carbon footprint?



Westburne’s team of lighting experts performed a full lighting audit. The proposed solution by Acuity and Westburne was to reduce the energy intake of the 1158 lighting fixtures from 1.3 Mega-watts to 0.3 Mega- watts by replacing them with cutting-edge LED lights.



With the new lighting control system implemented, Bromont, montagne d’expériences, could save up to 73% on lighting. They will also reduce their lighting system carbon footprint by almost 75%. The new system spreads light uniformly, improving visibility of snow conditions and obstacles, creating a better skiing experience.

Creating a Best in Class Solution

In 2017, after an exhaustive search for a cutting-edge solution, Bromont partnered with Westburne and Acuity to begin its energy transformation. With the goal of becoming the first mountain in Quebec to fully light two ski trails with energy-saving LED technology, Bromont wanted a team that could create a comprehensive solution. Westburne’s expert lighting and energy specialists, and Acuity’s cutting-edge lighting systems, were what drove Bromont to choose us as a solutions provider. Westburne’s and Acuity’s energy efficient lighting upgrades feature optimized structural, electrical, and lighting components which ensure reliable, long- term performance.

Innovation Ensured Safety

The new cutting-edge LED lighting system improves skiers experience in two ways, by improving visibility and by implementing remote control. The new system delivers lighting with pinpoint precision through advanced optics and custom designed reflectors. The new system significantly reduces glare, resulting in brighter and more uniform light dispersion which also improves contrast and shade visibility. Secondly, the new system can be precisely controlled, allowing the staff to remotely close or highlight trails as needed.

Sustainability at the Project’s Core

By implementing the energy efficient lighting upgrade, Bromont expects to reduce their annual electricity use by 75%. The new 1,158 LED fixtures are projected to use a total of 0.3 mega-watts per hour, compared to the 1.3 mega-watts per hour used by traditional fixtures. The difference in power usage is equivalent to powering 164 homes for a year.

The system is projected to last a minimumof 25 years, five times longer than traditional lighting fixtures. This will significantly reduce maintenance costs over the next two decades.

The cost savings from the lighting upgrade will allow Bromont to increase their spend on facility expansion and customer services.

The Right People Working Together

From day one, delivering the best customer solution was top priority for Westburne. Not only did the solution have to meet high standards for energy efficient lighting technology and innovation, but it was pertinent that the safety of Bromont’s customers stayed top of mind.

To ensure that we had the correct solution, Westburne and Acuity showed Bromont’s team all available products, allowing them to see how the fixtures were designed and produced. Our team of lighting specialists performed an audit, created the project analysis, lighting layout, simulation, and proposal. Our specialists also took the time to address light pollution concerns, while adhere to special customer requests, and awarding grants.

Exceeding Customers’ Expectations

Thanks to the innovative Acuity LED lighting solution provided by Westburne, nearly 600,000 annual skiers will enjoy an experience unique to Bromont. Bromont now has brighter, safer, and more natural looking light thanks to improved color rendering, enhanced lighting coverage, and newly lit areas optimized for night-time use. This project highlights the capabilities of Westburne. We always take the time to fully understand the needs of our customers to develop a solution that continuously exceeds expectations.

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