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Brescia University College

Lighting and Energy Solutions

A Modern Upgrade to Historic Brescia University College

Founded in 1919, Brescia University College is Canada’s only women’s university located in London, Ontario. The majestic, castle-like, Brescia Hall was the first building designed back in 1923. It was later renamed Ursuline Hall. The Mother St. James Memorial Building, which was completed in 1963, is the main building on campus. The University has 1550 students during the year, and hosts weddings and corporate events in the summer.



The perimeters of Brescia University College had 57 HID (High-Intensity Discharge) fixtures that were over 20 years old. These fixtures ranged in wattage from 70W – 250W. The legacy technology required frequent maintenance and was exceedingly energy inefficient.



Westburne’s Lighting Solutions Specialist Mary Anne Wainright completed a lighting performance and energy efficiency audit at Brescia University College to better understand their needs. Mary Anne selected Westburne partner RAB as the solutions provider for this project and worked with them to implement several of their lighting systems at the university.



The energy and maintenance savings are projected to save approximately $5,500 per year. Brescia University College will also receive a utility rebate of $2,225 through the Save on Energy Program, resulting in a return on investment in less than two years.

The Heart Of The Challenge

The outdoor lighting packs at Brescia University College were distributing light in an uncontrolled manner and providing insufficient lighting on campus. The aging HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lighting fixtures had turned yellow, creating glare and reducing light output by 30 - 40%. Additionally, maintenance was becoming increasingly costly and time-consuming. Lightbulbs were being replaced 2 – 6 times every year due to age and water seepage into the fixtures, some of which are mounted at a height of 30’ and require special equipment and more than one electrician to access.

Creating A Best In Class Solution

The University decided to upgrade its lighting in May 2017. Facilities Management Supervisor Cameron Mitchell was looking to implement an energy efficient lighting system, with a modern design. Cameron reached out to Andrew Reed, a trusted Account Manager at Westburne. Andrew sought the technical expertise of Lighting Solutions Specialist Mary Anne Wainright who conducted a complete lighting performance and energy efficiency audit. Mary Anne identified several of RAB Design’s premium LED outdoor wall lights as a strong fit for the university’s needs. The new lights were installed on the rooftop of the Mother St. James Memorial Building and in the doorways of the Ursuline Hall. Brescia University College has been equipped with an industry leading LED solution which will have a lasting impact on the building’s energy efficiency.

The Right People Working Together

Lighting Solutions Specialists like Mary Anne Wainright provide Westburne with invaluable expertise tailored to best suit our individual customer’s needs. Our partners, such as the lighting design experts at RAB, help Westburne create world-class solutions for customers like Brescia.

Exceeding Expectations

With heritage sites like Brescia, it’s crucial to preserve the historical integrity of the building while utilizing premium modern technology to improve certain facets when possible. Westburne’s expert partners and specialists provide customers like Brescia with tailored solutions that acknowledge the unique challenges of their project. Westburne even ensured the proper disposal of all hazardous materials from the previous lighting fixtures.

We take the time to understand the needs of our customers, and work with great partners to develop solutions that exceed their expectations.

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This LED Replacement project proved to be an effective solution for us. As winter approaches, our students are really starting to see the difference in light levels. The VEK fixtures do a great job in providing a safe and secure environment for everyone.



Facilities Manager

Brescia University College

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